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Are you concerned that you are the owner of the company and that you have less knowledge or don’t understand marketing well? Are you the one who depends on the marketing agency for all your marketing needs?

Are you concerned that you are the owner of the company and that you have less knowledge or don’t understand marketing well? Are you the one who depends on the marketing agency for all your marketing needs?

Not to worry, you’re in the right place to grasp the marketing techniques that you would need to make an important decision for your company. Now I am going to help you understand the law of marketing that you need to know, so that you can get the customer’s attention and also know what’s necessary to set up a marketing plan.

Don’t end up making a product that consumers do not need and expect ads and good results from an agency. Every owner of a company should be a successful marketer and visionary first.

If you are the owner of the company, then there is a high probability that you have the marketing skills too. You just don’t know that yet. Marketing begins by knowing the customer and designing the product in such a way that it meets the customer’s desires so well that the product or service is marketed on its own. You have to formulate a great plan and you can of course employ people to implement it.

You are going to understand —

  • Fundamentals of marketing
  • Why communication skills are necessary
  • How economics impact market trends
  • Importance of Traditional vs Digital Marketing Services
  • CATT Marketing funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Personal branding

Fundamentals of marketing

The biggest nightmare of marketers is not being able to transmit a message across the target market. Marketing activities can go hand in hand if you, as a marketer, do not focus your approach on their desires, interests, fears or worries. You need to realize that Marketing is a game of perceptions and perceptions can be generated by humans, and never by robots. Know your customers well, connect with them, solve their problems if you have to, see what else they want with your product or service. This is going to help you understand how to build a perfect plan.

Why communication skills are necessary

When your main goal is to build a brand and not make money, you will automatically see your business growing. You should know that your customers will become ambassadors for your company if you keep engaging with them as you personally know them. They will sell your product either by word of mouth or by referring others to you. Keeping customers on track is valuable for your company as they are the ones who will give you an idea to improve your plan.

To communicate well, you need to understand your customer’s demographics, age, gender, likes, dislikes, relationships, and career, so that your email marketing and target marketing work a treat. You need to be able to effectively talk and write for this to happen. You need to learn to read and write well and become effective.

How economics impact market trends

Demand and Supply are the key economic factors that influence marketing. The aim of a marketing campaign is always to drive up demand. You need to keep in mind that every time demand is low, the price is taken into account and whenever the demand is high, a product is taken into account. You need to prepare your strategy according to this situation. Ex — Experiment with the price when the demand is low and experiment with the product when the demand is high.

Consumers buy on the basis of their purchasing power and the economic condition of the country. We marketers play an important role here by connecting with the emotions of confidence of the customers. Careful product placement and marketing is important considering purchasing power of customers to persuade customers who can spend their money on products which are not sold due to a recession or a lack of purchasing power.

Importance of Traditional vs. Digital Marketing Services

While it is important for any small business to have a marketing budget, it is equally important to invest it in the right way to make the most of it. How do you know where to invest on digital marketing vs. traditional marketing?

You must have seen a lot of promotional ads in Google’s search engine, or some organization is trying to make you buy products/service by displaying ads that you have recently visited on their website via Facebook or Instagram, and you have no idea how that happens. That’s how digital marketing works. You can work on the profile of each customer to get them to buy the product or service through relaying messages. You can have a perfect analytics on how much was spent on Ads and what is the return on advertisement spent.

You can not personalize a communication based on the profile of your customers through traditional marketing with newspaper or TV ads. However you can reach mass public by analyzing the TRP’s.

Digital marketing is largely based on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and, of course, the King — Google. Higher conversion rates are achievable through digital marketing. You can also enable real-time customer support through your website or social media. Digital marketing keeps you at par with your competitors. Digital marketing is flexible, however, and you can play around changes that occur. Be creative and you’re going to find solutions!

The CATT Marketing Funnel

The key to further boosting and marketing your niche, you need to apply the CATT Marketing Funnel to build wealth. Let me explain that!

Wealth = n^CATT

Where ^ denotes power. Where your niche (n) will be successful and powerful with the CATT you apply.

N — is for Niche. The one of a kind №1 package you have for your audience or targets. Your success and wealth depends on the niche you chose.

C — is for Content. Create useful content, blogs, emails, videos, podcasts, webinars, posts, and more to generate leads.

A — stands for Attention. This means you have to drag traffic to your content through social media advertising or personal branding (on this later)

T — represents trust. Personalize your message to your contact through emails.

T — stands for Transaction. Convert leads to customers.

CATT funnel is the strategy where you will understand how your leads will go through the entire journey with you. Second, you need to recognize the clients and study what the consumer really wants. Then you need to build a product that addresses the needs of the customer. This is how you’re going to be successful in finding a niche. Marketing is about sending the correct message to the right person at the right time. You will move one step closer to your niche if you understand this psychology.

That being said, there’s a easy test to verify whether you’ve selected the right niche. The easiest way to find a niche is to know about three things. Do you have what it takes to find a good solution to the existing problem and you want to sell it? You’re enthusiastic about this kind of skill? There’s a demand for the abilities you have? If the answer to all of your question is yes, that’s the niche you have to move forward with.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Paid advertising is kind of improving the momentum of email marketing, SEO, Content, Social Media. Since the momentum is improved, the customers will end up trusting you. How are you doing that? How do you get your attention from audience? Doubt? Let me clarify that.

The whole point of driving focus comes from your material, or let’s say your special content. You can carry the focus to it through ads, SEO, and social media, and then create trust through email marketing. Then we can go ahead to deal with them, which is sales and conversion.

Integrated Digital Marketing is essentially a term for utilizing all bits and pieces of digital marketing together

Intelligently utilizing this entire area with a closed integrated ecosystem consisting of Email marketing, SEO, Social media, Paid Ads, Selling and converting will lead you to successfully build trust out there.

Personal Branding

Now that you have understood your niche, your expertise, and if you realize that your expertise are special on the market, you need to market yourself by developing your own personal brand.

You can meet other people like wise, or you can speak to the community, or you can create your own influencer’s website, or you can influence through the social media or podcast. As you build a brand, people would like to hear from you. You should show the world the talent you have and build your niche and you will be able to monetize your brand more.

Here you go, you’ve just understood what it takes to be a good marketer. You need to develop new skills to be maintained in the current sector. World is evolving from time to time, and people are coming up with new stuff. Company that has never been heard of five years ago is worth a billion today. Learning new skills, working on them, writing about them, consulting the people in need and mentoring is the procedure that you need to follow in order to learn new skills which builds mass trust, so that you can build your own tribe.

If you want to learn deep into this or you want to learn more about it, follow me here for more information on how to achieve success in marketing, business, relationships, brand, social media, tools, book reviews. I will help you in this in coming days or you can learn from my mentor— DigitalDeepak who I learnt all this from in detail right now.

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