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Today we will talk about importance of digital marketing, experience in digital marketing, importance of keywords and how to get quality leads.

Hello everyone, this is Shaikh Abdul Rehman, founder of shaikhspeer.com. Today we will talk about importance of digital marketing, experience in digital marketing, importance of keywords and how to get quality leads.

So yeah!! Here we have Sanjay Singh, from Bangalore who is a content writer, blogger and a Digital Marketer.

Hi Sanjay…

Hi Shaikh, how have you been doing?

Doing good, Sanjay, Thank you for joining this meet in this short notice. I am so glad you accepted my invitation.

Thanks for inviting me Shaikh.

So Sanjay, share your story with us. Tell us how you started your journey?

I am a Digital Marketer working from last six years in digital marketing. I have delivered many projects based on health sector to e-commerce and educational sectors. From 2019 I started my journey on training sector and have been training for digital marketing. There is a institute where I worked as a digital marketer and trainer.

That’s great, Sanjay.

Can you tell me like if some business owner who is new to this and wants to start in digital marketing, what would you say are the first thing they have to do?

So yeah… First thing is that they should know their business very well and they should know their target market and segment their target market and categories. They need to research their competitors and make a thorough report on what they are doing, what strategies they are applying and which tools are being used by them and then analyze accordingly. So these are the three factors basically from where a business owner can start.

Okay. This will be helpful for my viewers. Note the point guys!!

Tell me what do you try to accomplish with Social media marketing and Digital Marketing? I mean what is your goal?

I would say now lead generation has been the main goal and also generating traffic to the client’s website and maintaining Online Reputation Management has been objective more over. Most of the business now come online only to maintain their ORM and engaging with the customer.

Yes ORM has become necessary now as it leads to secret branding here and there.

As you are an experienced digital marketer, how was your first experience when you ran your first google ads or facebook ads or instagram ad campaigns? Throw some light on that Sanjay.

Yeah.. My first campaign was for a hair transplant and skin specialist clinic. The ticket sizes were high around 1 lakh or 2 lakhs for surgeries and around that. I created their paid ad campaign like google ad campaign, as well as Facebook and Instagram ad campaign. So initially the response were only like on interest based but no one were getting converted. This made me apply the remarketing strategy so that the known customers are targeted instead of new customers. This in turn got us good conversion and I was satisfied with the campaign.

This is good and I know the satisfaction you get from running successful campaigns.

Tell me the strategies you have applied to get quality lead?

Yes, any user who is interested in buying something first research about it in search engines, that’s around 95% people who are using google search engine to research. This is why SEO is important too. Keyword research, content research, user research is as important as the research you do in the market. Organic results will take time but this will definitely give you good ranking to your webpage in coming times. if you want instead results paid ads are best. To find quality leads, you need to have quality content, good ranking, good research done, good keywords.

This is good information, Sanjay.

How important is the keyword research? How important is it to convert the customer?

Keyword research is important after all to target right user to the website. For example lets say I own a digital marketing institute and I target only “digital marketing course” word which has more competitor in the market for the same word. This will not generate me good ranking from my keyword even though the search volume is good. But the best practice is to target the word which has high search volume but less competitor. This in return help you find good quality lead from SEO.

Yes, Sanjay. We should all know that Keyword research should be the main focus when it comes to targeting right customer. Research done well will lead to quality content and good ranking.

The final question my viewers have is, “Why is Digital Marketing important for a business, and what will this lead to?”

8 years ago, companies did not consider digital marketing to be an important medium, and I predicted that digital marketing would be used everywhere in the future. So I began learning about it and became acquainted with its intricacies. Today, every company uses digital marketing to meet their marketing needs as well as the needs of their customers. When traditional marketing is so expensive, why not engage with customers online and convert the leads? Many businesses have switched their marketing budgets from offline to online. I would advise every business to go digital so that you can see where your target market is located and see the analytics of all your research and campaigns.

This was wonderful!!

Thank you Sanjay for your time and valuable information, wishing you the best in all your future endeavors.

Thank you Shaikh for this great experience. Wish you success in what you do.

And with that it’s a wrap

Stay tuned for more!

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